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Adminstrator of CATHSSETA visited 金沙乐娱

On March 5th, Keitumetse Perseverance Lebaka, adminstrator of CATHSSETA, senior executive officer Portia Lebogang Mpye, deputy director of the Chinese Culture and International Education Exchange Center, Chen Songtao, and project manager Sun Wei visited 金沙乐娱. President Du Lanxiao and vice president Wang Fang warmly welcomed visitors. The two sides held talks on the development of educational cooperation projects.

At the symposium, President Du Lanxiao warmly welcomed the delegation, and introduced the basic situation of 金沙乐娱. Du Lanxiao said that the college attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation, and hopes to open up new areas of cooperation with CATHSSETA. Lebaka expressed her heartfelt gratitude to 金沙乐娱 for its hospitality and introduced the basic situation of the South African international student program. The two sides discussed the skills training, entrepreneurship education, and life support for international students, reached a preliminary cooperation intention.

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