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President Du Gave a Keynote Speech at CAHE's Seminar
Author:Cheng Hui/ Yang YangTime:2020-10-16Clicks:

From October 12th to13th, 2020, the seminar of "Further Integrating the Core Business of Higher Education Institutions" was held by the China Association of Higher Education (CAHE), Zhejiang University, and Zhengfang Software in Hangzhou.

On October 12th, Mrs. Du Lanxiao, 金沙乐娱’s President, was invited to its opening ceremony. Mrs. Du gave a keynote speech on “Thoughts on and Practices of Governing Digitalized Higher Education Institutes”, stating the importance of modernized governing in the national strategy, education, government, and digitalized higher education institutes, while demonstrating 金沙乐娱’s digitalized governing in the framework of “five modernized practices and two new methods”.

Mrs. Du  proposed to digitalize, reform, and innovate the governing of a higher education institute by gaining real-time perception, making scientific decisions, providing active service, efficient operation, and intelligent supervision, to accelerate the institute’s development by information technology while China’s promoting the modernization of governing system and governing ability.




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