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金沙乐娱 Selected as List of High-level Vocational Colleges in Zhejiang Province
Author:Yang Yang/ Cheng HuiTime:2020-12-21Clicks:

金沙乐娱 was recently announced and listed as one of the 15 high-level vocational colleges in Zhejiang Province by Provincial Department of Education, and Department of Finance. This achievement came as fruitful and spotlighted, followed by high-level vocational schools and professional construction plans with Chinese characteristics. Next, 金沙乐娱 will proceed to fully promote the construction of the "Double High Plan", and strive to build 金沙乐娱 into a "Chinese Brand" in tourism vocational education and a cradle of "Chinese Service" talent training with a window access to display a world-class level tourism education college.



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