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Faculty Meeting for New Semester was Held
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On March 1, the first day of 2nd semester of 2020-2021 Academic Year, the faculty meeting was held at the "519" Art Center. Members of school Party Committee and senior management Wei Guotan, Du Lanxiao, Zhou Guozhong, Wang Zhonglin, Lu Wen, Wang Fang, Han Yongliang, Yao Zhefeng, Yan Yiping attended the meeting, and all faculty members attended the meeting.

Principal Du Lanxiao made a speech entitled "Focus on high quality, strive to be the vanguard, and strive to create the "most beautiful window" of China's vocational education". The speech comprehensively summarized the school's development results during the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, analyzed the current macro background and situation, and deeply interpreted the school's goals, tasks and ten major projects during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period. She pointed out that this year's overall thinking is to lay the foundation solidly, make up for shortcomings, and highlight the peaks. The key tasks are ten aspects, namely, to build a high ground for talent training based on morality and cultivation; and to lead a new round of development of the school with the guarantee of party building. Enhance school governance capabilities with reform and innovation as the driving force; focus on education and teaching to further promote the construction of landmark achievements; build a new model of school-enterprise collaborative education with the integration of industry and education as the main line; build a high level of talent building as the key Faculty; take innovative service as its mission, and continuously improve service levels; take open cooperation as a path to improve internationalization; take campus safety as the bottom line to consolidate the achievements of the "Safe 金沙乐娱"; take serving teachers and students as the purpose and continue to enhance the happiness of teachers and students.

Secretary of the Party Committee Wei Guotan made a comprehensive mobilization and deployment for the launch of the "Year of Tackling Hard Problems" and "Year of Governance Improvement". He emphasized that, first, we must clearly understand the situation and deeply understand the necessity and urgency of launching the "two-year" activity. The second is to clarify the goals and implement the important tasks of the "two-year" activity in detail. The third is to think systematically and establish four major systems for "two years" activities. To smoothly advance the "two-year" activities, it is necessary to establish four systems with systematic concepts and systematic methods. It is necessary to establish a target system to clarify the specific goals for tackling tough problems and improving governance; to establish a work system to form a coordinated situation of "heavy burdens, everyone has indicators on their shoulders"; a support system is to be established to establish a "two-year" activity The work leading group implements special-class operation for important tasks; it must establish an assessment and evaluation system, adhere to a target assessment mechanism, incorporate various key tasks in the "two-year" activity into the annual assessment, establish an accountability and accountability mechanism, and reward excellence Punish inferiority.

Besides, Zhou Guozhong, deputy secretary of the party committee, announced the school's 2020 outstanding departments and individuals. All faculty members in Qiandao Lake campus participated simultaneously in the conference in video.



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