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金沙乐娱 Assessed by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism as Year 2020 “Excellent” Level
Author:Cheng Hui/ Yang YaochengTime:2021-03-05Clicks:

An assessed event of Year 2020 organized by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and staff assembly was held in the Library of 金沙乐娱, during which Wei Guotang, Secretary of Party Committee, and President Du Lanxiao made public the outcome of the assessment as an “Excellent” Level.


In 2020, all staff and teaching faculty in their effort to push forward the highest-level standard of educational teaching and CO-VID 19 widespread control, aimed at “Double High” construction plan and with a successful and smooth procession of being endowed as a Higher-Level Vocational College, Innovation Teaching School of Zhejiang Province and Excellent Assessment of Best Tourism College in internationalized school-running features. What’s more, a teaching team of 金沙乐娱 was awarded as the second place in 2020 Teaching Competence Match of National Vocational Colleges. Three research projects of National Social Science Fund were won and listed as No. 1 among all national colleges. 金沙乐娱 officially joined the World Tourism Alliance (TWA) with the establishment of industry-education integration alliance. The third cross-border teaching institution named China-Italy Culinary College was officially set up in both countries. All of the achievements have been honored as Multi-winners among all vocational colleges nationwide.



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