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金沙乐娱 Held 3-All-Comprehensive Education Reforms Promotion Meeting
Author:Yang Yaocheng/ Yang YangTime:2021-04-02Clicks:

金沙乐娱’s 3-All-Comprehensive education reforms promotion meeting was held in the 519 art center on March 31. Wei Guotan, Secretary of Party Committee, President Du Lanxiao, related school division leaders and staff faculty attended it altogether, chaired by President Du.


Secretary Wei stressed this mission from three perspectives that we had to stand high and firmly to put the needs of critical ideas and beliefs from the central hierarchy into practice, and further made it a political feature to concern more about details and members mobilization. Third, we could take advantage of systematic approaches to form an all-round management system to spotlight the 金沙乐娱’s educational brand.


President Du concluded all by saying that this comprehensive education reform still left room for much improvement. She strongly urged that each individual in our school had to play an essential role in implementing it everywhere and anytime.Moreover, she especially emphasized all teachers had to assume all responsibilities and obligations to serve as not only benevolent but dutiful ones.


At the meeting, all division delegates and relevant faculty and staff attended it. All teaching staff from Qiandao Lake campus participated it via online video.


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