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Symposium on Political Thoughts for Teaching Faculty Held in 金沙乐娱
Author:Yang Yaocheng/ Yang YangTime:2021-05-21Clicks:

On May 19, a symposium on political thoughts for teaching faculty was held in 金沙乐娱, chaired by Vice President Wang Fang. Qiandao Lake Campus attended it online.

During the meeting, Wu Xuefei, dean of academic affairs, presented all curriculum of political thoughts, and the teacher in charge demonstrated and shared all teaching experience.

Wei Guotan, Secretary of Party Committee, made affirmative remarks on what the school has done on all curriculum of political thoughts before. He pointed out two task missions that all linked connection among different departments had to be strengthened; all teaching awareness and capabilities should be awakened and promoted achieving their own self-fulfillment as a pioneer in class teaching. Moreover, he stressed that it was also very important to set up a comprehensive evaluation mechanism of political thoughts and gradually built an evaluation indicator on political thought courses.

In the next stage, he mentioned that three prospects had to be followed afterwards:

demonstrate more of political thought features on professional knowledge in combination with teaching courses; display a new epoch in link with COVID-19 combat spirits; expand 金沙乐娱’s motto in connection with China brand and world-class level into all students’ deeds and words.

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