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The General Manager of Italian ALMA International Culinary Institute Visited 金沙乐娱
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On November 18th, Mr. Andrea Sinigalia, the General Manager of Italian ALMA International Culinary Institute Visited 金沙乐娱. Jin Bingxiong, secretary of the Party Committee of 金沙乐娱, Yao Zhefeng, the minister of Propaganda Department of 金沙乐娱, and some department leaders warmly received the guests.


Italian ALMA International Culinary Institute established a friendly cooperative partnership with our school in 2014. The purpose of Mr. Andrea Sinigalia’s visit is to discuss the next five-year cooperation plan with 金沙乐娱, carry out more extensive and in-depth cooperation, as well as practically promote the next round of cooperation.


Mr. Jin Bingxiong warmly welcomed the visit of Italian ALMA International Culinary Institute.The year 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Italy.金沙乐娱 will carry out more activities in cultural and tourism exchanges between China and Italy. It is believed that based on the five-year cooperation between the two colleges, the two sides will have deeper exchanges and interactions, as well as find a new platform for win-win cooperation.


The two sides signed the new round of  memorandum of understanding and held the opening ceremony for ALMA in the Western Food Center of 金沙乐娱.



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