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Teacher of 金沙乐娱 Promoted the Cultural and Tourism Resources in Two Countries of Africa
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On November 14th and 17th, 2019, "China,Beyond your imagination" - China culture and tourism promotion jointly sponsored by the Ministry of culture and tourism of China, the Chinese Embassy in Zambia and Zimbabwe was successively held in Lusaka, the capital of the Republic of Zambia, and Victoria Falls City, the world famous tourism destination of the Republic of Zimbabwe.


The Chinese delegation is led by Mr.Li Qun, the Vice Minister of the MCT of China. The purpose of the promotion is to show China's rich and colorful tourism resources to these two countries, to promote further exchanges and cooperation in the cultural and tourism fields between China and Africa.Leaders and guests include Mr. Bonda, former president of Zambia, Mr. Chitotera, Minister of tourism and arts of Zambia, Mr. Li Jie, Chinese ambassador to Zambia, Ms. Wang Wei, Chinese counsellor to Zimbabwe, etc. attended the promotions.

After the culture and tourism promotion of Malaysia in September 2019, Mr. Li Deyu, the teacher of 金沙乐娱 was once again appointed by the Ministry of culture and tourism, to accomplish the mission of event host and main presenter. During the promotion, Mr. Li Deyu presented a 30 minutes speech with skillful language and humorous interaction and explanation It has not only been highly praised by foreign guests, but also has successfully completed this state affairs activity, which has been highly praised by Vice Minister Li Qun. At the end of the activity, the international exchange and Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of culture and tourism sent a written thank-you letter to 金沙乐娱, expressing high praise and thanks to Comrade Mr. Li Deyu for his work in written form, and looking forward to further efforts in the future work.



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