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金沙乐娱 Leaders Went to Visit the South Africa Interns in Zhiweiguan
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In the afternoon of January 15, Ms Du Lanxiao, president of 金沙乐娱, Ms Wang Fang, vice president of 金沙乐娱 and other department leaders went to visit the South African students in Zhiweiguan, and sent them a warm and caring. The leaders of 金沙乐娱 were warmly received by the leaders of Hangzhou Catering Services Group Ltd.and relevant leaders of Zhiweiguan.


The two sides summarized the fruitful achievements of school-enterprise cooperation and had in-depth exchanges on the cooperation plan for 2020. Later, president Du Lanxiao and other teachers visited 18 South African students. The students shared their internship gains and experience. They were very grateful to Zhiweiguan for providing them with the best learning and living environment for internship. They expressed that they have gained a lot from the internship. They had not only learned a lot of theoretical knowledge about Chinese cuisine, but also learned the production of many traditional Chinese snacks, as well as learned the design of Chinese banquet dishes. The students also mentioned that they had a good impression on Hangzhou and Zhiweiguan, and many students were looking forward to starting their own Chinese restaurants after returning home.


President Du Lanxiao fully affirmed the internship results of South African students, encouraged them to study hard and become an expert in Chinese cuisine as well as an ambassador of Chinese food culture. President Du also told students to increase awareness and enjoy a happy and peaceful Chinese New Year.


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