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Chinese Opera Art Activities was hold by Sino-Russian Tourism College

On March 28th, 2019, Sino-Russian tourism college held a Chinese opera art theme activities in the Russian State University of Tourism and Service. There are all the teachers and students of the Sino-Russian Tourism College, the vice-president Tatiana and director of the foreign affairs office Alexander of the Russian State University of Tourism and Service, and other teachers and students interested in Chinese culture.

Chinese Opera is a traditional Chinese culture, one of the traditional Chinese arts. It became one of the world three ancient opera culture with and Greek Tragicomedy and India Brahman Drama. The dean of the Sino-Russian Tourism College Rao Huaqing introduced the general situation of Chinese opera. Students from Sino-Russian Tourism College explained the characteristics and the types of Chinese opera arts and enjoyed the representative works of Beijing Opera and Shaoxing Opera. In the end, Russian teachers and students used the brushes to create the Peking Opera masks.

In each Chinese cultural theme activity, Sino-Russian Tourism College insists on combining the language teaching and learning and integrating traditional Chinese culture and art into the Chinese teaching. It will be displayed by teachers and students, and will promote the communication and publication within teachers and students in Russia. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Russia. The activities held by Sino-Russian Tourism College Chinese are conducive to promoting the "One Belt And One Road" Chinese cultural exchanges and China-Russia folk friendship.

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