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Teachers and Students from the Sino-Russian Tourism College Help the Scenic Spots in Russia

Sergiev (С е р f и е kind guide П о с а д) is a city with beautiful scenery and unique buildings. It still keeps the traditional feature of the Russian village. Sergiev was built in the 14th century, and it’s also known as "谢尔吉耶夫" in Chinese. As one of Moscow's gold town, Sergiev became a must tourist attraction for tourists and tour groups. The most important sites of Sergiev is the St. trinity Abbey - one of Russia's most ancient Abbey. There are more than half of the Russian history are associated with Orthodox, and the Sergiev becomes the center of the Orthodox. The Sergiev’s in the orthodox is like the Catholic in the Vatican, which is very important in the history of Russia and eastern orthodox church. In 1993, sergei St. trinity Abbey monastery complex was listed as a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.

In recent years, with the increase of Chinese residents’ income, more and more Chinese tourists chose Russia as their destinations. In 2018, the number of Chinese tourists to Russia reached 1.8474 million, which shows a 21.1% growth year-on-year. China has become the largest source of foreign tourists to Russia. With 800 thousands Chinese tourists visiting Moscow, Chinese taking the leading place in all foreign tourists. Almost all the visitors from China will go to Sergiev, therefore, in order to better serve Chinese tourists, Sergiev tourism department attaches great importance to the experience of Chinese tourists. Sergeiv St. trinity Abbey monastery complex is equipped with Chinese scenic spot's commentaries and voice, and our Sino-Russia Tourism College offers active service to the local tourism. College teacher Rao Huaqing finished modification work of interpretation and translation for the St. trinity Abbey in Chinese, and student Ye Ying in Sino-Russia tourism college helps record the interpretation. These work enriched the Chinese explanation of Russia's scenic spots and promoted Chinese tourists travel experience and cultural exchange in Russia.

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