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President Du Lanxiao Visited Interns Students From Hotel Management Department
Author:Zhongwen / Xu XuTime:2020-07-30Clicks:

Recently, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President from the College Du Lanxiao led a team to visit the interns of the Hotel Management Department in Hangzhou, Huzhou, Ningbo and other places. Du Lanxiao and her team came to Narada Resort & Spa Liangzhu, Huzhou JunAnli Junlan Resort, Naked Heart Fort Resort, Ningbo Westin Hotel, Ningbo Park Hyatt Hotel, Ningbo Nanyuan Global Hotel and Ningbo Xinzhi Hotel, and inquired in detail about the internship situation of the students and she also had cordial discussions with the students.

During the symposium, students reported and gave feedback on their internship experience, harvest and various difficulties encountered during the internship.

Du Lanxiao listened carefully to the students’ questions and answered them one by one. She pointed out that internship practice is one of the required courses for hotel management major students. Practice is the best way to better connect with theory and to get a clearer understanding of what kind of talents are needed in the hotel industry. At the same time, she hoped that the students could rely on the spirit of "Inspiration, Truth, Philanthropy, Refinement" to work with a sunny and peaceful mind, and strive to communicate more, think more, study more and summarize better.

After the exchange, Du Lanxiao put forward several requirements to the students on the topic of "refinement, approvement and delicacy". She asks all the students to keep the "five hearts" which are attentiveness, modest, carefulness, perseverance, determination. At the same time, strive to achieve the "four learnings" : firstly, learn to look dialectically, from a dialectical perspective to look at the "gain and loss"from the job; Secondly, learn to work forwardly and learn the history and culture of the hotel internship, constantly enrich their industry knowledge; Thirdly, learn to do smartly, use their professionalism, communication skills to deal with different difficulties; Fourthly, learn to accumulate, develop a good habit of observe, record, summarize, and constantly improve their humanistic quality.

During the discussion and communication, Du Lanxiao and the team carefully listened to the evaluation of our interns from partner hotels and their opinions and suggestions. The cooperative hotels highly recognize and praise the comprehensive quality and professional ability of our students, they thought our students have a strong sense of responsibility and can independently undertake the work in a short time. In terms of talent training, they hope we can do a deeper school-enterprise cooperation, and innovate the talent training mode, provide more high-quality talents for the hotel industry.



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