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Grand Opening of the 12th Sports Festival and the 26th Track and Field Sports Meeting
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The opening ceremony of the 26th track and field sports meeting was held on May 11th. Du Lanxiao, Wang Zhonglin, Wang Fang, Han Yongliang, Yao Zhefeng and Yan Yiping, leaders of 金沙乐娱 attended the opening ceremony.

Du Lanxiao, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and President of 金沙乐娱, delivered an speech at the opening ceremony. On behalf of all the teachers and students, she expressed warm congratulations on the opening of this sports festival, heartfelt thanks to the coaches, leaders and staff members who had made preparations and worked hard, and cordial greetings to the students who worked hard to prepare for the sports meeting. At the same time, she said that physical education is a basic project to realize the fundamental task of moral education and improve students' comprehensive quality. The important mission and goal of physical education in the new era is to help students strengthen physique, improve personality, temper will, and cultivate socialist builders, with all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, beauty and labor. She asked to carry out physical education actively, establish the concept of health first,  and give full play to the educational function and advantages of physical education. Finally, she wished that everyone would show their skills, strive for good results, show elegant demeanor, and add glory to their schools.

A total of 21 individual champions were determined in the track and field sports meeting, among which Liu Meiye, a student of School of Hotel Management, broke the women's 200m college record. Finally, the School of Planning and Design, the School of Arts and the School of Business won the first, second and third prize of the total score of men's group; the School of Planning and Design, the School of Hotel Management and the School of Arts won the first, second and third prize of the total score of women's group.

Up to now, the sports festival events, staff fun games have been successfully completed. The activities enrich the staff's after-school life and provide teachers with a platform for relaxation, entertainment and self-expression.

The 5th track and field sports meeting of Qiandao Lake International Hotel Management School were held at the same time.


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