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金沙乐娱 Students of the were Recruited into the Army
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On the morning of March 2nd, a special "Principal Date" was held in the lobby bar of Residency Hotel. Principal Du Lanxiao had a face-to-face talk with the 6 spring 2021 enlistment students and their parents and held a farewell ceremony. Enlist students wear red flowers on their chests, spirited and heroic. Heads of the Department of Education and Military Affairs attended the forum.


At the symposium, the enlisted students expressed their gratitude for the school's love and care, and talked freely about their aspirations to serve their country and their expectations for the army life in the future.


President Du expressed his warm congratulations to the students who enlisted in the army, and his heartfelt thanks to the parents who supported the students to join the army and defend their country. He also encouraged the students to: First, strengthen their physical health. To integrate into the military life as soon as possible, overcome difficulties, sharpen your will, temper your character, and build a stronger body; Second, we must keep our words and intentions straight. Always remember the identity of "soldier" and "traveler"; Third, we must strive for excellence. Continue to improve their comprehensive quality. President Du hopes that the enlist students will cherish the rare opportunity, live up to their youth, deeply study Xi Jinping's thinking on strengthening the military, and become a new person in the military training. They will win honor for their country, their Alma mater and their families.


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