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Learn from the Spirit of Lei Feng and Advocate the Glory of Labor
Author:Zhong Wen/ Xu XuTime:2021-03-05Clicks:

March 5th is the 58th "Learn from Lei Feng Day" and the 22nd "China Youth Volunteer Service Day". In order to further promote the "wholeheartedly serve the people" Lei Feng spirit and "dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, progress" spirit of voluntary service. On March 5th, our school carried out the "Cleanest Campus" labor activity to practice the "Lei Feng Spirit" with practical actions, carry forward good customs, and transmit the positive energy of youth.


Through collective work, the students felt the joy of dedication and enhanced their friendship. They expressed that they would take practical actions to carry forward Lei Feng's noble style, carry forward Lei Feng's valuable spirit, and protect the most beautiful campus with more civilized and sunny actions.



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