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The Student Entrepreneurship Program Approved By Ministry of Culture and Tourism
Author:Zhong Wen/ Xu XuTime:2021-03-12Clicks:

Recently, the Department of Science, Technology and Education of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the Notice on Announcement of the List of Students' Team Entrepreneurship Support Projects in Co-built Universities. The student team entrepreneurship project "Qing Qian Wan -- Zhejiang Province Cultural Tourism College Students Help to Turn Wan Cun into Scenic Area Solution " which was declared by our school was approved.


"Qing Qian Wan" project works with college students of cultural tourism to participate in the exploration of practical tasks of rural tourism construction in their spare time before employment. It can not only improve professional skills, but also recognize and understand the difficulties in rural tourism development. It is helpful to make college students with real experience, ideal and ambition to devote themselves to the development of rural culture and tourism.


It is reported that this project is a collaborative innovation education platform built by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to further support the joint construction of colleges and universities to connect with high-quality industrial resources. Our school will take this project as an opportunity to further deepen the innovation and entrepreneurship education work, promote the integration of innovation and entrepreneurship, cooperate with industries, enterprises and other forces, promote the reform of talent training, and build an important carrier and practice platform for innovation and entrepreneurship education.


The instructor of this project is Xu Chuna , and the student team members are Wang Huifeng, etc.

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