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"Meeting with the President": A Talk About the Students Development
Author:Xu Xu / Zhong WenTime:2021-03-23Clicks:

On March 17, Du Lanxiao, President of Tourism College of Zhejiang, held a meeting in Qiandaohu campus with students face to face. The purpose of this meeting is to get close to the student group, understand their needs, and solve problems.

At the meeting, student representatives from all grades expressed their views on professional practice and training, innovation, entrepreneurship and employment, logistics service improvement and other issues.

After listening to the views of the students, President Du, represents 金沙乐娱, expressed the care for the study and life of students. She shared three hopes for the students: the first is love. Love is the best teacher, to love the motherland, love life, love school, love professional. The second is integration. Students should integrate into the demand for talents under the background of cultural and tourism integration, constantly improve moral cultivation and skills, and becoming innovative talents with international vision. The third is practice. With more practice, students can be better and achieve a brilliant life.

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