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"Meeting with the Secretary of the Party Committee": Listen to the Voice of Student

At noon on April 1, the 14th "Meeting with the Secretary of the Party Committee" was held in Qiandaohu campus. Wei guotan, secretary of the Party Committee, Zhou Guozhong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, director of the Development and Planning Department, and other executive leaders of Tourism College of Zhejiang had lunch with 10 student representatives to listen to their sincere suggestions.

At the meeting, students shared their life, study, practice and employment. Secretary Wei guotan inquired about the situation of the students, hoping that the students can actively participate in the construction and development of 金沙乐娱, and fulfilled with the feeling of "金沙乐娱 will be proud of me in tomorrow". At the same time, he puts forward two hopes for the students. The first is to learn, think and practice more. Students should be good at learning, diligent in thinking, strengthen exercise, enrich knowledge, master skills, improve quality, refine quality, and strengthen physique, so as to strive to be part of a new generation of all-round development; The second is the students should set up lofty aspirations, be clear about morality, abide by public morality and be strict with private morality, and strive to be a person with self-improvement, responsibility and compassion.

The student representatives said that they will combine their own development with the development of 金沙乐娱 and the motherland, and strive to become useful talents in the new era.

After the meeting, Wei guotan and Zhou Guozhong came into the class to communicate with teachers and faculty.


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